Do You Want To Start And Run a Handyman Business?

Handyman Business Owners Can't Keep Up With The Demand for Their Services...

There's a ton of money to be made out there.

People don't want to fool with doing small projects around the house. They don't have time. (If they do have time, they would rather be doing something else.)

If you do quality work and do what you say you will (show up, return phone calls, etc) You can just about charge what you want to!

I can't tell you how many times I have been told by a customer.....

"I Don't Care What it Costs, Just Please Come Fix It" or "You're the Only Person Who's Even Returned My Call"

Customers get fed up. They've called all kinds of people to try and get small projects done. No one will call them back or if they do get a call back it's weeks later...

So What Does This Mean To You?

It means there's a ton of money to be made in the handyman business. Don't you deserve to get your share of this lucrative market?

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What's a Typical Day Like In My Handyman Business?

It's a typical Tuesday morning. My cell phone rings (I've got my office phone forwarded to my cell).

The person calling is a friend of a lady we've done work for a few weeks ago. The lady we did the work for was so happy with what we did for her (we put up some crown molding in her dining room) I think she's told everyone she knows about our handyman business.

This friend of hers wants to know if I have time to do a tile backsplash in her kitchen before a party she's having this weekend. I told her I'd have to take a look at it but I didn't think it would be a problem. Once I arrive she tells me that she's called two other contractors and neither has returned her call.

After giving her a price she tells me to go ahead and do the job as soon as I can. She also asks me if I can put up some "grab bars" in a bathroom for her mother who is elderly and stills lives by herself.

While I'm at the local big box home improvement store, picking up the grab bars, there's an older gentleman there looking at them. I give him a business card and he wants me to install a set of them at his house. (we do a lot of work for older people)

As I'm leaving the store I get another call from a plumber I use. (He refers work to me and I use him for all the plumbing we need) He has a lady who wants a bathroom remodeled and like everyone else she wants it done yesterday....

Before the day is over I get several other calls. Two calls from people wanting me to do jobs I've given them a price on and several other calls wanting me to take a look at various projects for them.

The day I've just outlined is not uncommon at all for me. We end up being booked for a couple of weeks out at time doing all sorts of things from tile jobs to installing crown molding, painting, drywall repairs and more.

This has turned out to be one of the best businesses I've ever been involved in.

With all the opportunities out there I just can't imagine why you would want to work for someone else.

Why not start your own handyman business?

Here's How I Can Help You With Starting a Handyman Business....

  • How to Get Customers. I'll show you what we've found that works and what doesn't. Plus you'll know the best ways I've found to get new customers hands down...
  • Advertsing Templates.You get several great advertisement templates, including the one below which gets more jobs every time we mail it than any other ad !
  • Estimating Cost and Profit Sheets. You'll get Excel spreadsheets to use for figuring cost and profit on bathroom remodels, kitchen remodels, interior and exterior remodeling projects. You'll have instant estimating capabilities and know how to estimate other things.

  • Licensing and Insurance info. Learn what is required
  • Price Lists. You'll get a sample price list giving you the things we run across from day to day in our handyman business.
  • Pre-Written Easy to Customize Customer Letters. These are great little marketing tools that will help you surge past the competition.
  • How to Keep From Losing Money. You'll know what kinds of jobs are the most profitable...and the jobs you definitely want to avoid. (Knowing this can save you tons of headaches and money.)
  • What's your time worth? Time is money. Don't work for too little money. Make the absolute most money possible in the least amount of time.
  • Must Have Handyman Forms, including: Bid Proposal, Proposal and Contract, Subcontractor's Agreement, Mechanic's Lien, Extra Work Order, And more.....
  • Billing. You'll know how to get paid as soon as you finish a job! Don't wait around for your money!
  • Networking. Learn how to network with non related businesses to keep the new business coming to you.
  • Start up Costs and Tools. What tools do you need to start your handyman service? I'll show you everything we use. It doesn't take a fortune to get stared.
  • Business Cards. A place to get full color cheap, or even business cards made from real wood! (business cards are often the first impression a person has of your business. Think about it. Who would you use? The guy will full color, professional cards or the guy with his latest phone # hand written on his card?)
  • Example Project. A completed bathroom remodel along with pictures, estimates, actual costs, time it took and more...
  • Handyman Bathroom Remodel Bathroom Remodel After Pictrure

Owning and running a successful handyman business is a ton of fun, not to mention profitable.

You can sit on the fence and let the other guy get ahead or you can take charge of your future and get started now. It's all up to you....

Here's What a Few People Who Bought My Guide & CD Had To Say:

Thanks for a great starter kit

30 days after putting my 1st ad in just a small targeted area of metro Grand Rapids, MI, following your tips, I'm swamped! Received 10 immediate referrals from just my 1st two jobs and have turned down 6 projects because I will not take on any jobs that requires more than myself or is 2 stories high. Thanks again for getting me out from in front of the TV and into a job I really love.

Bill B.
Grand Rapids, MI

Answered a lot of questions we had about how to go about charging for our work and getting customers

Joseph J. in Atlanta
Great stuff

Audio CD with you explaining the business is funny and really makes a lot of sense.

David G. in Mississippi

Just got your info and it was way better than I was expecting

Well worth it.

Steven J. in Arizona

Are you tired of working for someone else? Afraid you could be laid off any day? Are you tired of your boring job? Want more control over your time and the work you do? Do you want to be your own boss?

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Running a Successful Handyman Business

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