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A handyman business has a great earning potential but only if it is well managed. One of the most important aspects that need to be carefully done is the project estimation. Unless a contractor makes a correct estimate of every project, business may eventually fail. Contractors depend on estimating to make their business successful. Frequent wrong estimating may mean a short lived business going forward.

Planning is vital in estimating projects. Most successful handyman businesses create a structured estimating program to enable them to determine the costs involved. However, it does not necessarily mean that a contractor has to lower his estimate in order to get a huge share of handyman jobs in the market. What needs to be taken into account include the time it will take to complete the job, the travel costs and the fee for doing the job itself. Estimates will differ from one company to another as the fees will depend on largely on a number of factors.

Experts point out that contractors should do away with doing guess work when estimating projects. Precise estimation is highly important to ensure profits going forward. Think of your business as an investment of your time and money from which you want to earn a good return. For this reason alone, it is worth considering the risks, your potential income and profits, expenses and future projects.

Proper estimating is beneficial in a number of ways not only in terms of analyzing and determining the costs of your project as well as the fees you will charge. A structured estimating program is also useful when presenting your business to potential clients, when ordering for your needed materials, for billing purposes and for keeping track of job schedules. When doing presentations for your prospects, providing estimates will give them a clearer view of the rates charged for various jobs as well as the tasks involved. This step is beneficial in building relationships with your clients and a must for any business.

In the olden days, there was no standard rates as handymen just worked on their own and set their own hours and fees. They used to rely just on word of mouth to gain clients. In recent years, though, the more professional handyman services have sprouted some being local businesses with several teams of workers while some have become a national chain.

Most handyman businesses have established their presence online these days for the convenience of their clients. Many also offer free estimates online without any obligations involved to attract more customers. It may be a good thing, though, to ask for the name and email address of people asking for free estimates by providing a short registration form on your site. In this way, you can follow them up if you have not heard back from them after a few days. You can even automate this process if you wish to promote interaction with your prospects and your business.

Again, estimating the right way is vital in getting your handyman business noticed and making it successful in the future.

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