How to Write a Handyman Business Plan

You cannot expect to start a handyman business overnight.  Starting any business takes time and most of all planning to make sure that everything will run smoothly.  Your first priority should be coming up with a business plan.   A business plan can help you steer down a bath as you start to operate your business. This is where you list the details of your business from the name to use, your goals, target audience and capital to your marketing strategies, projected income and the fees you will charge for the tasks required.

A handyman business plan does not have to be complicated.  All you need is simple business plan.  A typical business plan will include a summary of what your company is about, what types of services you offer, a marketing analysis, a marketing plan and sales strategy and forecast, a management summary and a financial plan.

Company profile

Be sure to provide information about your handyman business.  You will need to know if you have a single proprietorship, a partnership or corporation. Your business name should also be included. 

Types of services offered

Make sure you list all the services that you will offer to let your clients know what jobs you are capable of doing. Examples: assembling and installation of fixtures, painting, plumbing repair, electrical repair, etc.

Marketing Strategy

Any business should initiate a marketing plan to promote what you do to your target audience. Besides  attracting more clients, the goal of this is to make people aware of the professional service and the reasonable fees you provide. This can be accomplished through advertising in local newspapers, flyers or the phone book. 

Sales strategy and forecast

It will also help if you can come up with a sales forecast and sales strategy. This will guide you on how much earnings to gain for the different services your offer for the week or for the entire month based on the hourly rate you charge your customers. If you wish, you may also include your annual projection.

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